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​Neko Harbour is an Antarctic city that spans the entire west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The coastal waters are filled with small islands and pack ice, and the entire peninsula extends to 1,300 km (starting from the base of where it's connected to Antarctica to the tip.) The city includes areas above the water and under, but since the peninsula is mountainous, with the highest peak being Mount Hope at 3,239 meters, many do not live inland but instead on the coast.

The sea floor is a brown sediment that is brimming with Antarctic anemones, sponges, and sea squirts. 
The common species of the area includes penguins, fish, invertebrates, seals, whales, and type B (Gerlache) killer whales. There are also flora, mainly mosses, lichens, and algae that have adapted to the harsh environment.
Most buildings are close-knit like a metropolis (but not quite, as there are no tall buildings and still adequate open space),  and there are many suburban areas with private property.

The climate is extremely cold, -10° to -30° C during the winter, and 1° to -10° C during the summer. 
The Antarctic Peninsula is actually the warmest parts of Antarctica, and it rains here instead of snow. Neko Harbour is generally colder than the east coast.

Essential stores, many apartment like housing, small shops and cafes, schools, parks, shopping centers.

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