PictureA great place to raise young killer whales.

Ronne Ice Shelf  is an Antarctic city that borders the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula. It includes the surface area above the ice shelf and below it. This ice shelf melts in the summer, and Berkner Island plus other ice masses connected to the land is left afterwards. During the winter, ice sheets from land push towards the water and reform the shelf. It is around 150 meters thick and the water below is about 1400 meters deep at the deepest point.

The sea floor is a brown sediment that is brimming with Antarctic anemones, sponges, and sea squirts. 
The common species of the area includes Type A and Type B killer whales, and because of this not many other vertebrate species live here. However, there are a wide variety of fish, invertebrates, and different plankton like diatoms.
There is a lot of open space, making it a great place to raise the young. Shopping areas are located in a plaza, and residency is mostly scattered, as killer whales prefer to not have neighbors.

The climate is extremely cold, -20° to -40° C during the winter, and 0° to -10° C during the summer.

Butchers, essential stores, sparse amount of housing, bars, theater, primary and secondary school.

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