PictureA sea rich in nutrients and plankton.

The Ross Sea  is an Antarctic city that includes a deep bay of the Southern Ocean and its ice shelf to the south. The Ross Sea is covered with ice for most of the year. It's area is about 960,000 square kilometers, and most of the floor is less than 900 meters deep. An extremely biodiverse place that is brimming with supportive food and nutrients for many marine species, thus making it the most productive and populated place in Antarctica.

The sea floor is made of rocks composed of calcium carbonate, and many submarine ridges.
The common species of the area includes invertebrates, toothfish and other fishes, seabirds, Adelie and Emperor penguins, Ross seals and other seals, whales, and Type C killer whales. There is also an abundance of marine fauna due to plankton.
Building distribution is generally concentrated in areas of flat ground or trenches, avoiding rocky seafloors. This is a heavily populated city containing many residential areas and shopping outlets.

Essential stores, many housing, schools, offices, hospital.

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