Subantarctica is a border-less body of water that encompasses the Antarctic coasts and can reach Southern America and Australia's waters. It includes many glaciers and islands. Mainly, instead of in the open ocean there are many species residing around these islands which are located at the southern parts of the Indian, Atlantic, And Pacific oceans. The open ocean is

The sea floor is a brown sediment which has areas full of corals, sponges, barnacles, and echinoderms.
The common species of the area includes many fishes, invertebrates, penguins, petrels, elephant seals, whales, and dolphins.
Building distribution is sparse and generally concentrated around islands or glaciers. There can be random buildings located in "the middle of nowhere" which are needed for resting from travel or the need for private property.

The climate is cold, +4°C to -2°C during the winter, and 0° to -10° C during the summer.

*Encompasses the entirety of Antarctica (the southern ocean)
Essential stores, sparse amount of housing, a great big library, some company buildings.

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