The thing you need the most is to be allowed to depend on someone else, someone who loves you for who you are and someone who accepts all of your flaws. You'll allow this whale into your life despite your fear of the failure in making a healthy connection, or competence in being able to give love back. He seems to forgive every instance of falling short and every stinging words you throw his way. His dedication and compliance is too admirable to ignore, but now you owe him a lot of tenderness to build a mutual trust and reward his patience.
This is a love born from one-sided infatuation. A killer orca becomes struck with heart pangs for his meal. (But not quite the same way as you'd feel for a favorite food.)
Do you need a reason to love someone? What about for at first sight? Should it matter how you show it, as long as your feelings are sincere and true? You can't help thinking about him no matter what you do, and this doesn't seem to concern you one bit. You'll do what it takes to win his heart, this whale is yours for the taking. They have no one else, almost in your hands like a puppet, yet he has built too many walls around him to pull at the strings. You don't even want to hurt him in that way, if you can help it. All you want is love. Love, Love, Love.

Zale and Winter