A humpback whale that loves to sing and stare at the ocean waves. Darren is another loner traveler type that enjoys his solitude, but does not have any trouble with making friends. He is actually overly open at times, which can make a stranger uncomfortable. He likes striking up conversations about existentialism usually. If not in the mood for that, he will simply try to get to know the other. He is generally kind to others and doesn't seem to be a threat, but his company can be mentally taxing as he is pretty talkative and asks too many questions (he does this on purpose and isn't oblivious to others' feelings.) His voice is very soothing though so it's not that bad to have to listen.
Likes going with the flow of life and doesn’t worry too much about what others think of him. He finds the most obscure things hilarious and is very touchy.
He is a very good listener and observer, and has excellent memory. But he acts like he doesn’t know much about anyone, which may make those that are a bit close to him insecure. He wants them to feel like that on purpose, since he likes being able to manipulate others.
If someone were to get very close to him, they would find that he is a romantic that has been daydreaming of you while you weren’t there. He likes to be physically comforting, and is very confident in his feelings. 

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Male (cis)
Humpback whale
Chaotic Neutral
Place of residence
6'7 / 175lbs


Darren was born in Antarctic waters, and grew up with a mother and father that were very loving.

They had strived to teach him many things, and their most valuable lesson was to not let others define who he is, and to be gentle with his movements. They were also adept at making sure that Darren would grow up with a freedom of interests and generally a trouble free life. He fondly remembers them in memories where his mother or father speak to him in soothing and caring voices. His parents loved to travel and camp in different places, which consequented in them seeing the bigger picture in their lives and to not dwell in trivial problems that could have leaded to selfish and hurtful actions, further contributing to Darren's happiness and open mindedness. However, growing up with such little forced exploration of negative emotions has caused him to seek them out himself deliberately, though in the end he had a strong and compassionate mind that he could always turn back to.

As an adult, he started to travel on his own, and he left his parents side to live on his own around 18. He often associated with other humpback whale mothers when he was young, as well as mothers of other species. He has a strong urge to protect them when in distress, such as when they are struggling an ordeal with their calf or whenever he witnesses a killer whale attack on them. Getting older and becoming stronger and more attractive, his protectiveness served poor, assaulted mothers a lot more efficiently. He was also very quick to offer his body to them if they seemed like they would agree to it. He has been involved in a number of affairs and has gotten away with most of them.

There was a time when Darren had to comfort Valencia when she lost her second calf to a pack of killer whales. They formed a bond that many many years later, had ended in an affair as well. Zale was already born around this time, and Darren remarked that he knew someone that looked like Zale when he came across him.

Darren met Zephyr and found him very fascinating and wanted to get closer to him.

Darren's mother had later on died after contracting morbillivirus, which she couldn't fight off even with treatment because of her aging body. He had gone back to take care of her in her last days, and this had greatly devastated him and his father. This event had caused Darren to be depressed, and Zephyr had taken notice to this.

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