A big minke whale with a cautious demeanor. Zale doesn't like to meet new fish, but he does like helping and caring for the "small and weak", even if he doesn't know them. Most of the time he is quiet and frowning, and is not really careful with his words. He does not show a lot of expression of his emotions though, and tends to bottle them up which builds up stress in him. This is relevant to his personality because it's why he is most likely to be angry and burst at someone for any misdemeanor. He can be quite vocal about something that bothers him if at the moment he has the confidence to be.

He spends most of his time alone and scavenging for items that he can hoard. He likes to find things that he can turn into necklaces.  He likes going into the city to eat by himself and sit on icebergs to enjoy his own company.

Zale values freedom, and defines this through trying to live with little concern for others' wants or expectations. And by living by himself with his own rules, he seems to be living his best life currently. He hates having to ask others for favors. He hates being told what to do and hates being in situations where he has to tell others what to do. It's difficult for him to change his viewpoints or habits. However, unhealthy habits of the past were diminished with a lot of cognitive therapy.

Zale has a slightly high pitched voice (for a man) that is often taut. He can sound gruff at times because he has trained himself to lower his pitch.

If one were to get very close to him, they would find that he has a dire need of someone he can be a companion to. Zale doesn't actually want to continue his lifestyle of being a loner, though it has liberated him in some ways so it is hard for him to change. He will still have a lot of trouble sharing his feelings, but will have the courage to show gestures of love non-verbally.  He is very shy and sweet in nature and he will try hard to not act on his negative thoughts. You will see that he is deeply caring for the ones he loves but overthinks a lot of his experiences. He is also very responsible and intelligent in home-maker like skills.

Male (trans)
Minke Whale
(Antarctic type)
Chaotic good
Place of residence
Neko Harbour,
6'0 / 200lbs


Zale was born and raised in Antarctic waters, in the Weddell Sea, by his mother Valencia. He was her daughter for most of his life until he was entering adulthood. Growing up, he had not felt connected with his gender or accepted labels. He had deep contemplation of not being able to identify as a girl or a woman, and didn't like being labeled as one. But other than that, he would not bring much attention to it as he didn't understand the feelings until later on. Luckily for him, he never developed breasts larger than an A cup so his gender dysphoria was generally maintained well, though he hated having long hair and wouldn't dress up in anything froufrou (disliked skirts and anything that brought attention to him.) His mother was never opposed to him wanting short hair or androgynous clothing, but she didn't understand he was trans until later on, like himself. Bringing him up, she rather focused on how he behaved than how he expressed himself. 

Valencia was very strict and controlling, especially in Zale's early years of life. She would get angry at trivial mistakes and would criticize Zale a lot, mostly concerned about house chores, learning capabilities, and how he behaved. She had very high expectations in having him be a useful individual to herself. Zale was home schooled and would not be allowed outside by himself, because Valencia had deep-rooted fears of him being kidnapped or hunted. The only times he had contact with outsiders were when she would meet up with her escort (another female minke whale), where they would take their children to a local park. He had some childhood friends that he got to play with at this park, including the escorts child, but had no opportunity to form friends growing older. This childhood friend drifted out of his life when the escort eventually moved to a different residence. Other times Valencia would spend time outside with Zale was for shopping or a place he wanted to go to (which was rare.) Eventually Zale ended up keeping all of his emotions and thoughts to himself, and wouldn't speak much to his mother. He obeyed her commands. He also spent a lot of time in his room reading books, doing arts or crafts, and collecting things, hobbies which his mother would generously supply money for as she was pleased with his structured lifestyle and assistance in her housework. She convinced herself that Zale was very happy, having this materialistic way of expressing her love and support. Zale had started to depend on materialism to comfort his negative emotions, and had a very imaginative mind that he would getaway to.

As time went on, Valencia's tough love had started to soften, and she had significant changes in her personality in Zale's late teen years. Zale had also become very rebellious and fought with his mother as a teenager, starting to show his pent-up emotions. Of course this had frustrated her to no end. However, this frustration was breaking her heart as she had started to contemplate the type of mother she had been, as she was accused of being a terrible one. There wasn't much she could or wanted to do, which gave Zale the confidence to stand up for himself more. He started to feel more in touch with his place in the world as he let himself explore outside his home and meet new people. But the lack of opportunities to build social skills hindered his ability to see these people as friends.

Valencia's behavior is mostly due to the fact that she had lost 2 of her calves before him due to killer whales, which severely traumatized her, resulting in a very overprotective and nitpicky parenting style. This trauma has also been passed down to Zale, so he is very hateful of killer whales too. (Specifically, these killer whales would be mammal eating ones that live in Antarctica, though they are still afraid of fish eating ones too.) Even as an adult, Valencia checks on Zale frequently.

Around his early 20s, Zale had started to talk about how he wanted to be referred to as a man, as he also made a big break over how he wanted to live on his own as all other whales have to do. Though Valencia is accepting of his new identity, Zale finally parted from his only family. Zale never did feel close and connected with her, so this was easy for him to do. Of course, even though Valencia almost strongly opposed, she decided to discuss with him ways of supporting him financially at a distance, and made it clear that she would be visiting him a lot. She gave him a small apartment that he could manage and earn rent from other residence. She did not want him to struggle on his own at all.

Zale's apartment is 3 stories, giving room for 3 residence, and is near Neko Harbour. When he started living by himself, he had to change his daily routine which took a while to get adjusted to. At times, he was very depressed, which he was very ashamed of since he was hoping to build a happier life without a looming authoritarian figure. He eventually realized that going to therapy would probably be the best option at that point, so he has regular appointments to a clinic in Neko Harbour which has improved his outlook and his personality. He is still very lonely, so he forces himself to go out, even though he has anxiety from the possibility of coming across killer whales. This has happened but with successful escapes. A few times, he has been harassed by Winck, the notorious hunter known for providing food for a community of killer whales. In one event he had his entire tail chopped off by Winck while he was binded, but he was rushed to a hospital as soon as Winter, Winck's brother, took pity on him.  He deeply wonders why at this time. Later on he finds out that Winter has been watching him from afar after he had got out of the hospital. At first, he thought Winter just wanted to see if he got better from the injury, but the interest was far more deeper than that.

Zale misunderstands Winter's advancements and thinks that he is expecting him to be grateful to him, and Zale naturally is very cold and angry at this since he believes it is an obligation to help others that are suffering. Winter tries even harder to get him to talk to him and asks him out multiple times. At first, he is bewildered and too confused to react and talk to Winter coherently, and is also very cautious thinking this is just another twisted way to end up as his meal. He doesn't know what flirting is in the first place and is taken aback from compliments. There are also times when Winter would diverge other killer whales from approaching him, keeping him safe. This eventually gave him a bit more security on his ventures around the city, and he started to trust Winter a bit more, albeit still confused but not complaining anymore, since he could tell that he is not going to give up on this special treatment.

It takes about a year (now he's 27), but Zale finally agrees to dating Winter. The reason he seems to have given in is because of Winter's multiple "appeals", and he started to feel really good about himself seeing that someone could love him so much without a hindrance from revealing his pessimistic personality. He is still a little apprehensive about it because he feels coerced into it, but having a sort of bodyguard and someone who could relieve his stress with sex didn't seem like a bad idea. Additionally, he became exhausted with overthinking the whole ordeal and realized a chance like this wouldn't happen anytime soon.

And here his story is seemingly idle and further events will be revealed through my drawings, though their future is set in stone. Read further in Relationships.

Extra Facts

  • His favorite food is a hefty bowl of krill and seaweed soup. He likes to also drink beer made from seagrasses.
  • He is the landlord of his apartment basically, receiving rent from two other residence in the stories below him, who are a family of weddell seals and a humpback whale. His apartment is really spacious and luxurious.
  • His hobby is collecting and assembling necklaces which he takes very seriously. His favorite one would be made of antarcticite.
  • His weight fluctuates a lot because of his eating habits, and so at times he can have a pudgy abdomen or slim one.



Winter (Boyfriend): A killer whale that Zale really loves and admires. He is fond of his confidence and his sweet talking, and thinks the way he dresses is really cool. They met because of chance, thanks to Winck. Though at first trying his best to avoid him and get him to leave him alone, he eventually started to enjoy and seek his company. Meeting a killer whale that didn't want to eat him...well, has changed him and his views, that were based on fear, greatly. He enjoys spending a lot of alone time with him because its opened up a whole new world that he thought he wouldn't get the chance to experience. In the future they will have two beautiful children, and live in his apartment together as a family. They may plan on moving later on.

Winck: Future brother in law. Really scared of him most of the time but Winck seems to like him now. In their first encounters not accompanied by Winter, Winck would act really cold and judgemental of him, and once was threatened. He told Winter about this though.

Valencia (Mother): His dear mother that he loves and hates. He can't bring himself to hold onto his judgement of her currently, because she is a lot better person now. He hates being around her because of being reminded of his childhood but he will always feel a sense of comfort when she visits him to bring him essentials (like his favorite home dishes). But in the future when he starts dating Winter he keeps it a secret from her, and the home visits start to bring a lot of anxiety because she has a knack for noticing changes in his environment and of course behavior influenced by infatuation.  

Zephyr (Therapist): Though Zale finds him stern, he has recieved a great deal of help from him to let go his emotional baggage. This sort of prepares him to be a good parent more than anything, and to not take out his stress on the people he loves and instead pour them onto Zephyr who he pays very well.