A handsome killer whale. Toran is a recluse that prefers to keep his private life to himself, which is quite hard as he is part of a large pod. It takes a while for him to open up to others, especially others of his age group. He enjoys solitude but understands the importance of keeping bonds with his pod, which are the only other killer whales he's willing to tolerate.  He is more likely to give cold gestures to strangers, which is a result of his habit of wanting to look intimidating, but he is actually a bit shy. Generally he is pretty nonchalant and doesn't care about the business of others, so it may be hard to get his attention. Outsiders will see him as stern and will want to leave him alone, but those who are close will know of his generous heart.

Though he can seem kind, he has the potential to be cruel and poke fun at other inhabitants of Antarctica. He usually does this when he's irritated and needs something to distract himself. A sort of unresolved anger issue.

To his friends and family members, he is a go-to handy man and a good listener to their problems. Even when they are important people in his life, he is too reluctant to rely on, or even talk to them, because of being self conscious of his thoughts, ideals, or opinions. 

To others that are closer to him, he can't help himself but be romantic or doting. If at first he had trouble expressing his true thoughts, he will have a much easier time with people that are closest to him.

Male (cis)
Killer whale
(Antarctic type A)
Neutral good
Place of residence
Ronne ice shelf,
5'7 / 210lbs


Toran was born in Antarctica waters, to Samara and Harlow. Samara is his mother who has taken care of him, while Harlow had gone back to his pod after his first few years of parenting. 

Toran still resides by his mothers side. When they were younger, they would spend a lot of time together, as Samara had lots to teach his son. But as he entered adulthood, he started to venture on his own and would travel to farther places of Antarctica, and realized that he loves to see new places. Later, he started to go to even farther bodies of water around the globe. Even though he can be gone for days, he will always try to come back to his pod, who live together in a giant building complex near Ronne ice shelf, Antarctica. When he is back, Toran helps out his mother mostly, and he especially makes sure to help out his elderly relatives. He usually consoles in his great grandmother a lot too, and likes babysitting his young cousin. 

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Extra Facts

  • Toran really likes coats, of any design. He has a closet full of them.
  • He is a food junkie, as apparent from his figure, and enjoys fine cuisine of seal and whale.
  • He likes crossdressing from time to time, in which he also likes the confidence it gives him so he becomes very expressive.





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Artwork by @vampirecalender