A hybrid killer whale from the Antarctic seas who has a large family; he is Winck’s twin. He has a loving clan of killer whales that he grew up with, but his mother’s neglect and abuse has affected his behavior, though she was only present for a snippet of his entire life. It seems he’s turned out to be a bit of a trouble maker. Though Winck being by his side his entire life has made it all the better, as luck would have it.

Winter likes to focus on enjoying life really, and is a homebody that is usually sleeping during the day or doing mundane activities. He is seen as having a calm personality by other killer whales, but also lazy. Other sorts of species might be treated with taunt and scare tactics, but most times he isn’t motivated to do so. He really enjoys spending time with others, family or friends, but he always wants a variety of people in his life. A lot of killer whales like him because of being perceived as easy. But, he can easily be annoyed because he can’t handle giving out too much attention or favors.

Winter is a flirtatious and down to earth whale, who likes the nightlife. He is somewhat polite and friendly, and open to friendships from anyone. He is quite observant and intrapersonally intelligent, and gets caught up in judgement because of being confident in his own feelings. However, he can get very carried away in his romantic fantasies and he acts very possessive of the whale he loves, without a second thought.

Significant Relationships:

Zale (Boyfriend, in present): A whale that Winter loves very deeply and unconditionally. They had met in a hunting quarrel, and ever since then Winter pursues him, not for feasting but for true love. It takes a long time for Zale to accept him, but they did eventually become friends and things took off from there. Winter keeps his relationship a secret from his pod, except from Winck. He fears they may object to it by wanting to eat Zale.

Winck (Twin brother): His friend and the only person he can truly be comfortable with. He doesn't depend on him the way Winck does on him, but appreciates his company nontheless. He thinks his brother's personality is completely fine, and never judges him. He loves to gush about his interests or crushes to him the most, and loves to share a good meal.

Extra facts

  • He has the smallest room in his residence, a room that used to be a walk in closet.
  • His leapord seal patterned collar was a gift from Winck.
  • Likes to drink kelp wine from time to time.
  • Has an above-average enjoyment of getting and giving hugs.
  • TOYHOUSE PORTAL (Lots more information!)
Info Card:
NAME: Winter (descendat of Rona)
AGE: 29
GENDER: Male (cis)
SPECIES: Killer whale (Antarctic type B hybrid)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral
PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Ronne ice shelf, Antarctica
"HEIGHT"/"WEIGHT": 5'7 / 160lbs