Credits & Permissions
I have used a bunch of graphics on this site that do not belong to me, but were found to be free to use. Right now, most of them are a placeholder for original pixel art I will hopefully try to make in the future. If there is a graphic of yours that you'd like me to take down, please email me at citoniensis@gmail.com. My PIXEL graphics of general sea related things are free to use (I will make a free2use page for them eventually), none of the artwork of my characters are to be used. Thank you.
I do not own the concept of humanoid sea creatures. Anyone can make characters like this, but my characters are my copyright. There are certain features my characters have that are allowed to be implemented into your own designs. If you have a sea human OC that you'd like to share with me, please do! I am also open to interactions between our OCs. Find contact info in links!

Auto-music credits: index, worldmap, antarcticmap

Merchandise (!?)
I have various things of my OCs that I've brought to a physical form.

About the blogger
I'm just a person that loves the sea and its inhabitants. My favorite animal is the killer whale :), and I love to make characters based on cetaceans most of all. I work on my OCs and draw for almost all of my free time. This is my personal site.


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