Sea people of all sorts of species live peacefully, and not so peacefully, all over the earth's ocean. Their lives are all about surviving, passing down of cultures, supporting one another, and building meaningful relationships.

 There is no definite "story" for these creatures, everyone has their own tale to tell. As a collective, they bring a cycle of life and balance and diversity into their world.

 These oc's are very self indulgent, and I am so passionate about them! I love sea animals and love making characters from them. I love making orca characters the most. I try to make my characters looking as original as possible as I know humanoid animals is not a new concept at all- I just wanted to make my own world so I can make as many oc's as possible, and give them a place where they can interact with their environment and be influenced by a society. I hope the backstories can be as original as they get.

 These humanoid sea animals are inspired by series' with underwater societies (Like Spongebob SquarePants :D). I started creating concepts for characters on 8/12/2017, so I would like to consider that date the anniversary date.

 It had started as a random idea, where I wanted to draw two characters depicting a killer whale and whale shark. These were Toran and Rein. I decided they'd be my main characters, and I ended up wanting to make backstories for them. After that thought, I had to build their world as I tried figuring out which ocean's they would live in. Eventually, I started making family members and friends of these characters, and expanded the population of the world even more. Now, I have given myself a great deal of work to do on completely establishing a world of theirs and writing all of these biographies, so this website will take years to complete.