Popular facilities and businesses
Mid-atlantic hospital (Located in Tuna Town)
Spa at Deception Island, Antarctica (antarctic animals go here)
Sister Spa at the Falkland islands (orcas mostly go here)
Pani's Bakery in Baffin Bay, Arctic
Charybdis' Butchery in Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Supreme Court of the Council
A great big library in Subantarctica, run mostly by Nikau
'Oh krill!' chain fast food restaurants, a healthy place to eat
More different restaurants that serve algae, hamburgers, and plastic
A very fancy restaurant in Subantarctica owned by an emperor penguin, serves all kinds of food and is welcome to every species.

Primary & Secondary Education
Podacademies (strictly for cetaceans. Mammal eating orcas have their own podacademies, but whales+dolphins have the diverse podacademies)
Coral School (Diverse, for fish. Public/Charter and not sudbury.)
Higher Education
2 years of community college recommended.
University saved for serious careers, but is not important for the general public. (For exacmple, doctors, nurses, and those wanting to pursue sciences and businesses)

Hospitals - in each ocean
Clinics - in each city

  • Seaweed foods
  • Barnacles, plankton, coral, fish, chum, marine mammals, squid, crabs, shrimps, mussels, jellyfish
  • Milk and milk products from seacows and some marine mammals
  • Popsicles and other sweets
  • Entertainment:
  • Carnivals
  • Parties/gatherings at community centers
  • Concerts and theatres for plays
  • Beaches
  • Competitions like the winter olympiads
  • Arcade
  • Musuem
  • Clubs
  • Other:
  • Supreme court
  • ah